April 21 2014

So I decided I would start a chicken blog to help me keep track of my new flock and show pictures of them. Seeing as we now have 42 chickens, I thought keeping some notes on them would be a good idea. As of today there ages range from 4 months- 5 days old. We bought several at an auction Friday night and they include my two new silkies, 6 barred rocks and 22 white rocks.

My 2 Silikies are:

Rhett (roo)- 4 months

Scarlett- 4 months Scarlett actually laid her first egg for me on 4-20-14

My 2 White Leghorns are:

Foghorn (roo)- 10 weeks old

Henny Penny- 10 weeks

2 Rhode Island Reds (RIR):

Rosie- 7 weeks

Sophia- 7 weeks

1 Black Australorp:

Lulu: 7-8 weeks

1 ISA Brown:

Daisy: 7 weeks

2 Silver Laced Wyandotte:

PutPut (roo): 7 weeks

Gwendalyn: 7 weeks

1 Wellsummer:

Blanche: 7 weeks

1 Ameraucana:

Dorthy: 6 weeks

1 Black Jersey Giant:

Effie: 5 weeks

1 Panfry( cornish cross):

Cinder: 5 weeks

6 Barred Rocks: all 5 days old



Norma Jean




We also have the 22 white rocks that are 4-5 weeks old. I will name them later because I don’t know how many are roos and how many are hens. I’m thinking of just keeping a few and either selling the rest or raising them seperate for meat.

I am very new to this chicken raising thing and so far it has been great. I love taking care of my chicky babies and I’m anxious to see how they grow up. I also want to get a few guineas to help with bug control and help protect my growing flock.



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