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This is my Silver Laced Wyandott


Polish tophat chicks

Polish chicks

Polish tophat chicks


The Fantastic 4

The Fantastic 4

These are my new silky chicks

Nesting boxes

Nesting boxes

May 29, 2014

Busy,busy,busy. What can I say. Having over 50 chickens, and a huge garden takes a lot of work and not too much computer time.  I have been working really hard to get the last of the garden planted. I planted about 25 cucumber and pickle plants yesterday, along with all my assorted squash and melons. Today I plan on getting the corn and beans in the ground. We finally got our pool open so maybe after I get done with all that work I will just jump in. It’s been pretty hot the last few days. It’s supposed to rain today, so I might be repotting all my tomato plants instead. Today is the kids last day of school. Yippy, now maybe I can get a little help around here. My kids are really great about helping out (as long as they get some free time too), which makes it great. They understand that it takes the whole family to make a homestead run smoothly. I am hoping that I am teaching my children how to be more self sufficient and how to use the land the way God intended for us to do.

Well I have 8 eggs that went into lock down this morning. I am so hoping to get at least a few new chicks out of this batch of eggs, even just 1 would give me hope. I got a new incubator and egg turner this week, so I am hoping to have the most optimal hatching rates soon.

Keep us in your prayers for a great hatch Saturday!!!! ❤

Great is the Lord. He is most worthy of Praise! No one can measure his greatness. Psalm 145:3

psalm 145:3 – Google Search

psalm 145:3 – Google Search.

Chicken Waterer

Chicken Waterer

This is the new chicken waterer for the Jungle Room

The new Roosting box

The new Roosting box

This is the roosting box Nick made for the new laying hens.

May 27, 2014

What a crazy busy weekend. What can I say. Friday night we went back to Dinky’s and I got 12 new laying hens and 4 new baby silky chicks that are approx. 5 weeks old. I call them the Fantastic 4, because they never want to be a apart. If one gets lost or left behind it will let out it’s distress call until the others find it or it finds them. It is really kinda cute the way they stick together. The other chickens I got are all laying hens. I got 8 RIR crosses, 1 easter egger (Patty), 1 Golden laced Wyandott (Goldie), 1 Buff Orpington (Buffy), and 1 Speckeld Sussex (Heidi). They are all great and friendly birds and don’t seem too timid at all. Some will even come up to me, and several have come pecking at the back door like they want to come in or something. ANd most of them are laying eggs daily. I should be able to actually start selling some eggs soon.

Foghorn, my young White Leghorn started crowing over the weekend, which I thought was pretty cool. I can tell it’s him too, because it’s still kinda weak and he doesn’t do it very often yet. I got rid of Harry, the little bantam rooster (the bully), and things have quieted down so much. He would crow all day and get the others crowing too. Now Peta is the one who crows the most, but only for a little while and maybe a few times in the evening. It’s not an all day thing with him. I think it’s because they all know now that he is top ROOSTER! so they don’t even bother too much. I do have to say that the backyard is quite nosie in the mornings now though because of the girls. They cackle and make noise for most of the morning. Come afternoon though they all quiet down and it seems quite peaceful.

Because of the new hens, Nick had to make a new roosting box. It’s very simple, and I made nesting boxes for them, that way they can just roam the backyard. They really like it under the back deck too, but they haven’t laid any eggs under there yet.

I also got 41 pepper plants and 20 strawberry plants in the ground this weekend. Today I am going to work on the cucumbers and squash. I am also going to plant a few cantalop for my father in law and sister in law, found out over the weekend they love it and I have tons of those seeds, who knows maybe I will even be able to get my kids to eat them.

I hope everyone has a great day, it’s sure to be a busy one.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time.  Psalm 34:19


This is Heidi, she is a speckled Sussex