May 14, 2014

When will this rain ever end? I know it’s crazy to wish the rain would just quit, because in another month we will be praying for rain, but give me a break already. It figures that now that school is done and we have more time in the afternoons to get stuff done outside it would start this endless raining. I did get enough of a break in the rain yesterday to fix Edward and Belle’s pen and fix them up a better spot. I also got to mow the backyard and Grason mowed the front. I transplanted some more marigolds to some big pots to put on the back porch because someone told me they helped with the bugs. I sure hope so because the bugs are driving me and my poor chickie babies nuts. I sprinkled some seven dust around Edward and Belle’s run area and it seems to be a little better. They were in much better spirits this morning. Edward actually started crowing again, so that’s a great sign.

I moved Peta( my black sex-link roo) to the backyard this morning and put the bantam’s in the playpen. I kept the barred rock chicks inside today because of all the rain. They looked miserable last night when I brought them in and I don’t think they liked the hail we got. I felt bad because I couldn’t get out to them sooner, but they were all huddled up together keeping warm and as dry as they could. The rain storm we got last night was just horrible, I don’t think there was any way to stay dry.

I’m still a little concerned about Elvis. He has still not came out of the coop. I threw him some food in there last night and I am going to take him some water before I leave for work today. He’s a very strange bird and he doesn’t make a sound. After we put the girls in the backyard with Peta this afternoon, I think I will put Elvis in their pen so at least he can eat and drink in peace. It’s a good size pen too for just one bird so he will be able to move around a bit. All Nick has to do to the new coop is put the door on and move it to the backyard for the 4 sex-links, then it will be time to start working on a coop for the bantams. We are going to make them a small A-frame type that we can move around some. Because they are such small birds they don’t need nearly as much room. Well it looks like it’s starting to clear up for a bit, better get to work. Because of all this rain I have gotten bronchitis and I feel awful, but the day must go on.

For nothing is impossible with God! Luke 1:37


This is our bantam Roo, Harry


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