May 15, 2014

Well it’s started out to be a wet,soggy and cold day today. I think it was only 50 degrees when I went out to feed and water all the chickie babies this morning.I have come to realize one thing, I do not like to take care of chickens in the rain and mud! I’m still not feeling to great, I have the worst headache and then having to go out in the cold and wet just makes it that much worse. But enough complianing, I still love my chickie babies and it looks like the weather is going to start clearing up today, until at least next week sometime. Maybe it will give all the birds a chance to dry out and get more comfortable. I guess we were just not prepared for this much rain so fast. I never realized how our backyard could look like such a pond before. On a good note Nick finished the new coop and the boys helped him get it set up in the backyard. I just have to put some pine shavings and hay in it to get it more comfy for the chicks. Last night instead of going into the new coop, they went in the doghouse, which is where the bantams have been sleeping, but I just left them in there and we put the bantams in the coop. Hopefully tonight we can get them in the right spots. I’m starting to get a little perturbed too about some of these hens. In the Peta group 2 have laid eggs, one hasn’t laid at all and one has only laid 1 egg, the other one has laid almost everyday. I just need to figure out who the layers are. Belle hasn’t laid an egg yet. I’m thinking she just might be old. And Pricilla has only laid 1 egg. One of the bantams has laid 2 eggs and that is it. I got all these birds so that I could start breeding them, but if they are not going to lay any eggs I guess I will sell them. I will give them some more time, with the new adjustments to a new home and all and it’s still early spring. Maybe they are not getting enough light. But if they don’t start producing soon it will be culling time.There is actually one little bantam roo (HArry) that I wouldn’t mind getting rid of now. He is very annoying. He swacks and crows all day long and gets his girls all crazy too.I still have Peanut Butter that I could put with them. I will just have to see. My nerves are shot, between the rain, being sick and all the noise I think I just need a nap.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up in honor. James 4:10


This is Peta and Katness


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