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April 29, 2014

What a beautiful day at the Brewer homestead. I love waking up to the sunshine and my Rhett crowing his little head off. Every morning I start my day pretty much the same way. I start a load of laundry, then it’s time to feed the animals. I feed the “12” first and let them out to free range in the back yard. Then I get Rhett and Scarlett out of their coop. They make such a racket till I get there. This morning Rhett actually let me hold him. He wasn’t to sure about it at first, but once I started to talk to him and pet him he calmed right down and acted like he liked it. I think I am going to try and hold him at least once a day, that way he will get more and more used to me. I’ve read that Silkies are supposed to be a docile bird and I’m hoping that  will be true of Rhett and Scarlett. After I take care of the birds in the back yard, I go out front and feed my Shiz Zu Chewy. This morning he had tangled his chain all up and  I had to untangle him. I’ve really got to figure out a better place for him. Maybe build another fence or something. I hate to see him chained up. But until the main coop is done the chickens have kinda taken over his yard. And he goes nuts when he sees the chickens. I then open the greenhouse to get some ventilation going. I don’t think we are going to have much left in there pretty soon. I planted almost 75 tomato plants over the weekend so it pretty much cleared things out. Although I still have about 50 more. I think we are going to have to plow up some more land. Then it’s on to feed and water the rabbits. Skittlles, Twix, and Oreo. Libby takes care of them mostly, but I always check to see that they have fresh food and water. Then it’s time for the 22 white rocks. These birds are literally going to eat themselves to death. I can’t wait to get them outside into some grass. They have went through a 50lb bag of chick feed in a week. and boy do they make a stink. I think I’m going to have to clean their pen tonight when I get home from work. I keep all their bedding and poo to put on my garden, so nothing goes to waste. But these birds just amaze me. They grow bigger everyday. Some of them are going to make us some good meals in the future. Then it’s back to the house to take care of the babies in the brooder. Our six barred rocks and our newest additions, the two guineas. They are not nearly as much of a handful as the ones outside, but there is not as many of them. I try to handle each one of these each day to. I really want to have friendly birds that love me as much as I love them. After caring for the babies, it’s finally time to feed myself and relax over my daily devotions, my time with the Lord is very important to me and I love to just sit quietly with Him and my birds!!!