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June 18, 2014

What a great day. It’s gonna be another scorcher though. It’s really hard to get garden work done when it is so hot, but things gotta be done right? Yesterday, Hubby and I stacked up several more tomato plants, they are getting huge already and we have tons of green maters just waiting to turn red,or yellow. I also potted up about a dozen to sit around the yard and on the porch. I planted another dozen or so the other day in the garden. I also pulled all the broccoli out,it was starting to send up flower shoots, go make room later for more cabbage and lettuce, for a fall crop. My peas and squash plants are also taking off like crazy. I figure I am going to have quite and few things to sell in a few weeks. I am going to church camp next week as a counselor, and I am hoping things will be ready to go by the time I get back. It’s going to be hard leaving for camp this year. With the chickens and this huge garden, I just hope the boys and Nick can keep up with everything that needs to be done. Silly me wasn’t thinking and I have about 20 eggs that are supposed to hatch on Monday. Yep the day I leave. Duhh….. I am going to have to teach the boys and Nick what to do with the new chicks (if any hatch) and stuff. I’m just going to have to trust them. The boys are actually on a mission trip till Thursday, so all the teaching will have to be done over the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed all goes well.

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. Psalm 62:5


The Silky Chicken

(new coop Nick built for the silkies)


May 12, 2014

Wow! What a crazy weekend. Went to Dinky’s Friday night for my Mother’s Day chickens and came home with 25 new chickens to add to my ever growing flock. But I say, I am done for now. These little boogers are a ton of work. I just got to come in after almost 2 hours of trying to get them all feed and comfy this morning. It was raining most of the day Saturday and of course yesterday was Mother’s day so i just finally got a chance to put up a small pen for 2 of the new chickens so they didn’t have to spend anymore time in their carrier. I don’t like to keep them pinned up to long, I like them to be able to get out and forage and stretch their wings and stuff. I also set 10 eggs in the incubator Saturday night. I am so nervous and excited about that. I have 7 of Scarlett’s eggs and 1 from my new polish cross and 1 from a bantum cross. It will be interesting to see if anything develops from those. 2 of Scarlett’s eggs that I had in my homemade incubator did have some veining so I am hoping maybe they will survive, but I’m not sure, I forgot to turn them a few times and trying to keep the temp and humidity stable in the homemade thing was difficult. I guess we will see their approx. hatch date is May 24. The others is May 30. It’s really exciting.

Now because we have so many new chickens, Nick and the boys have to make several new coops and runs. We have a group of 4, they are sexlinks I think, big beautiful birds, that Nick is building a coop for now. I actually was out there cutting and measuring boards too. I want to try and keep the different breeds separate, to make breeding easier. That way I will have some idea of what I am going to be getting. I put several pics on to find out what some might be and it looks like most of them are some sort of mixes, but I do have a full polish, old english game hen, and a roo and hen that are langshans. The others I’m not to sure about. If anything they will produce eggs.I have already gotten 5 or 6 in just 2 days. We will have to keep our fingers crossed. I did get some cute polish tophat chicks, and a necked neck chick and a few others I think are easter eggers. Unfortunatley¬† the necked neck did not make it. I guess the other chicks didn’t like him because they pecked him to death. It was so sad because he was very cute. I didn’t realize they could be so agressive. But everyone seems to be doing good today.

Give thanks for everything  to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians 5:20


This is Elvis, my new polish rooster.

April 25 2014

Last night while the chickie babies were roaming around the yard, I went out to them and actually had some of them eating out of my hand. Daisy, my ISA Brown, follows me around where ever I go and always has to know what I am doing. She is so sweet and will let me hold her and pet her. I think some of the other ones are starting to be a lot less afraid to. I think they know that I bring them good treats and I sing to them . Before long they will think I am part of their flock.Image