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June 5, 2014

Man, I am still wanting to put May when I type in the date. I think I am still shocked that it is June already. Me and the kidos got out in the garden this morning while the weather was still kinda cool. It was actually nice not having to keep wiping off the dripping sweat, but alas we must now go back out. Hopefully it’s not to bad. The air conditioning just kicked on not too long ago so hopefully it won’t be too hot. I don’t think it will be, the high is only supposed to be around 78. I can handle that.

I decided last night that I had better make some grow-out pens for some of the younger chicks. I noticed yesterday that the bigger ones were not letting them eat too much. So this morning Cole and I set up a grow out pen for the 4 younger and put the younger bars in the pen with Scarlett. Even if it is just long enough to eat at least they will get something. That way I can also keep feeding them chick starter/grower for a few more weeks. I don’t like the older birds eating it because it is to expensive, they need to quit being so lazy and start foraging more anyway. They have plenty of room, and God knows there are plenty of bugs, 😦 Anyhoo this project about trying to see who is laying and who isn’t is starting to irritate me a bit. I know I have a few that are pretty much laying every day. I guess the ones in the pens will just have to stay in them a few more days, or at least till they lay an egg. I want to get this under control and soon.

Well here’s to another day at Chick Commander Farm. 🙂

You must not have any other god but me. Exodus 20:3


This is Baby, she has spradel leg and crooked toes. We are trying to fix her.



May 1 2014

Wow!! I can not believe it is May already. I have to say that this morning I am totally gobsmacked, befuttled, in shock, and dismayed. What I found this morning when I went outside to feed my cornish rocks left me absolutely bewildered. An EMPTY pen! That’s right completely empty, as if there had never been anything in it. I guess it is a very hard lesson for the first time chicken owner! Something, I imagine a fox or coyote ate every last chicken (22) that was in my new pen. I guess it doesn’t matter how secure you think your stuff is, make it doubly secure. I kinda just stood there looking at the empty pen in disbelief. I couldn’t even tell how anything had gotten in. Nothing looked disturbed, the pen wasn’t knocked over, the cover was still intact. The only thing I found were a few feathers. Upon closer examination I did find where something had crawled under the fence. Chalk that one up to inexperiance. It just makes me more resolved to make sure the stationary coop is extra secure. My husband has buried the fence for that one in the ground, but now I’m thinking of maybe getting something else, maybe some kind of electric fence or something. Any who, I guess this gets me off the hook of having to butcher the rocks myself, but still I didn’t want them to go that way.

I still can’t believe it is the first day of May. I was just thinking to myself yesterday that I am going to have to plant my summer crops pretty soon. I usually put my squash, zucchini, and peppers in the ground the second week of May. I have some transplants in the greenhouse that I started a month ago, but they are not very big at all. Peppers, for some reason, seem to be the hardest thing for me to grow. I have a whole tray of colored peppers that I sowed about two weeks ago and they still have not germinated. And the ones I do have are scrawny. Probably have to get some nursery transplants. Next year I think I will start those in February to make sure they are ready to go in the ground. My tomatoes that I started in Feb. were almost 3′ tall. I finally had to put them in the garden over the weekend, because they were taking up too much room in the greenhouse.

I have to admit, gardening and keeping chickens is like going to school, you learn something new everyday. I Love IT!

I’ve decided to start adding a daily verse to my postings. It helps to give me inspiration to get through each day.

“Because of God’s tender mercy, the morning light from heaven is about to break upon us; to guide us to the path of peace.” Luke: 1 78-79


” Because of God’s