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June 18, 2014

What a great day. It’s gonna be another scorcher though. It’s really hard to get garden work done when it is so hot, but things gotta be done right? Yesterday, Hubby and I stacked up several more tomato plants, they are getting huge already and we have tons of green maters just waiting to turn red,or yellow. I also potted up about a dozen to sit around the yard and on the porch. I planted another dozen or so the other day in the garden. I also pulled all the broccoli out,it was starting to send up flower shoots, go make room later for more cabbage and lettuce, for a fall crop. My peas and squash plants are also taking off like crazy. I figure I am going to have quite and few things to sell in a few weeks. I am going to church camp next week as a counselor, and I am hoping things will be ready to go by the time I get back. It’s going to be hard leaving for camp this year. With the chickens and this huge garden, I just hope the boys and Nick can keep up with everything that needs to be done. Silly me wasn’t thinking and I have about 20 eggs that are supposed to hatch on Monday. Yep the day I leave. Duhh….. I am going to have to teach the boys and Nick what to do with the new chicks (if any hatch) and stuff. I’m just going to have to trust them. The boys are actually on a mission trip till Thursday, so all the teaching will have to be done over the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed all goes well.

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. Psalm 62:5


The Silky Chicken

(new coop Nick built for the silkies)


June 5, 2014

Man, I am still wanting to put May when I type in the date. I think I am still shocked that it is June already. Me and the kidos got out in the garden this morning while the weather was still kinda cool. It was actually nice not having to keep wiping off the dripping sweat, but alas we must now go back out. Hopefully it’s not to bad. The air conditioning just kicked on not too long ago so hopefully it won’t be too hot. I don’t think it will be, the high is only supposed to be around 78. I can handle that.

I decided last night that I had better make some grow-out pens for some of the younger chicks. I noticed yesterday that the bigger ones were not letting them eat too much. So this morning Cole and I set up a grow out pen for the 4 younger and put the younger bars in the pen with Scarlett. Even if it is just long enough to eat at least they will get something. That way I can also keep feeding them chick starter/grower for a few more weeks. I don’t like the older birds eating it because it is to expensive, they need to quit being so lazy and start foraging more anyway. They have plenty of room, and God knows there are plenty of bugs, ­čśŽ Anyhoo this project about trying to see who is laying and who isn’t is starting to irritate me a bit. I know I have a few that are pretty much laying every day. I guess the ones in the pens will just have to stay in them a few more days, or at least till they lay an egg. I want to get this under control and soon.

Well here’s to another day at Chick Commander Farm. ­čÖé

You must not have any other god but me. Exodus 20:3


This is Baby, she has spradel leg and crooked toes. We are trying to fix her.


June 3, 2014

Oh happy day!! ­čÖé God is so good and merciful and I just want to shout his name. Thank you God for giving me another wonderful day. The sun is shining here at Chick Commander Farm (formally known as The Brewer Homestead). I have created a Facebook page called just that Chick Commander Farm, if anyone would like you can find it on Facebook and “LIKE” it and start following me there too. I love sharing all the great things going on, on the homestead. The vegetable garden is going great. And we have made some great progress on the flower garden. The new Chickie babies are doing great.

I did start something new yesterday. I am needing to figure out which of my new laying hens are actually laying, so I put 1 hen in a big cage until she lays an egg, this will also help me in the future to know who’s eggs are who’s. I am keeping a chart o each day and who lays and who doesn’t. In starting this new business I have to be proficient and unfortunately I can not keep birds that are not producing. I can’t kill them either, so I will take them to the auction and sell them, I already have 2 in mind for this weeks auction. My parents also told me that I can use their space at the farmer’s market this weekend because they won’t be there so I am hoping to maybe get rid of the rest of my tomato plants. I still have almost 100 and I also have relish,pickles and peaches canned that I would like to sell. I will probably also make some homemade breads and some other things. I love being able to make stuff myself and sell it or share it with others.

It was a terribly soggy night last night, but today seems to be looking a lot better. We laid down stray for some of the birds because their pens got pretty flooded, but with the heat I’m sure they will dry up fast.

I hope everyone has a splendid and productive day!!!!

God’s way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to him for protection.┬á Psalm 18:30


May 16, 2014

Good morning from the Brewer Homestead. The sun is shining (finally), the roosters are crowing and the baby chicks are peeping and chirping happily behind me in their brooder. I took the barred rocks outside and decided to let the banties and sex-links run together today. The two roosters had their dance and I think everyone knows their place now. I stayed outside with them for awhile just to make sure, but I’m pretty sure the backyard is big enough that they each can stay on their own side and be happy. I was surprised at Edward this morning, he jumped over his fence into the pen with Rhett and Scarlett and they did a dance. I had to go in there though and break it up and put Edward back in his pen. Rhett is a lot smaller and I do not want him getting hurt. He is my beautiful silkie rooster and him and Scarlett are making me some beautiful babies. I candled all the eggs in the incubator last night and they all have veining except for the polish egg, even the banty egg had veining so I am super excited. The 2 eggs that I had been keeping in my homemade ‘bator are really cool, you can actually see the chicks forming now. They only have a little more than a week before lock-down, I am getting super nervous about that because I want to be sure and do everything right. It would be so cool to know that I can do that, actually hatch chicks from my very own chickens. It’s the grand circle of life and the miracle that God has given us. I was just thinking this morning how lucky we are to get to see God’s miracles and handy work everyday. As I was walking through my garden I could see the peas growing up through the ground, the lettuce and spinach seeds I sowed a few weeks ago are starting to pop their heads up through the soil and the colored peppers that I had given up on long ago have finally popped up through the dirt. I have so many tomato plants I am thinking about setting up a table at the end of the drive over the weekend and trying to sell them. I have 70 in the garden now and I probably have at least 50 more. I just don’t have that much room. I’m already going to have to figure out where to put all the peppers. I might have to come up with a new place for the beans. We also have to get the corn and squash and cucumbers in the ground this weekend. That will be on me, because Nick has to keep working on some new coops, and of course there’s Cole’s golf match tomorrow and a birthday party on Sunday. I guess we will be getting up with the sun both mornings. Which is fine, I get up at 4 am both days to do the papers anyway, guess I just won’t be laying back down. I don’t think we have any plans for tonight, so hopefully we can get started. So much to do, So much to do. But it keeps us ALIVE!!!!!

You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail. Proverbs 19:21


The M&M twins: Meriada and Madilyn

May 12, 2014

Wow! What a crazy weekend. Went to Dinky’s Friday night for my Mother’s Day chickens and came home with 25 new chickens to add to my ever growing flock. But I say, I am done for now. These little boogers are a ton of work. I just got to come in after almost 2 hours of trying to get them all feed and comfy this morning. It was raining most of the day Saturday and of course yesterday was Mother’s day so i just finally got a chance to put up a small pen for 2 of the new chickens so they didn’t have to spend anymore time in their carrier. I don’t like to keep them pinned up to long, I like them to be able to get out and forage and stretch their wings and stuff. I also set 10 eggs in the incubator Saturday night. I am so nervous and excited about that. I have 7 of Scarlett’s eggs and 1 from my new polish cross and 1 from a bantum cross. It will be interesting to see if anything develops from those. 2 of Scarlett’s eggs that I had in my homemade incubator did have some veining so I am hoping maybe they will survive, but I’m not sure, I forgot to turn them a few times and trying to keep the temp and humidity stable in the homemade thing was difficult. I guess we will see their approx. hatch date is May 24. The others is May 30. It’s really exciting.

Now because we have so many new chickens, Nick and the boys have to make several new coops and runs. We have a group of 4, they are sexlinks I think, big beautiful birds, that Nick is building a coop for now. I actually was out there cutting and measuring boards too. I want to try and keep the different breeds separate, to make breeding easier. That way I will have some idea of what I am going to be getting. I put several pics on to find out what some might be and it looks like most of them are some sort of mixes, but I do have a full polish, old english game hen, and a roo and hen that are langshans. The others I’m not to sure about. If anything they will produce eggs.I have already gotten 5 or 6 in just 2 days. We will have to keep our fingers crossed. I did get some cute polish tophat chicks, and a necked neck chick and a few others I think are easter eggers. Unfortunatley┬á the necked neck did not make it. I guess the other chicks didn’t like him because they pecked him to death. It was so sad because he was very cute. I didn’t realize they could be so agressive. But everyone seems to be doing good today.

Give thanks for everything  to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians 5:20


This is Elvis, my new polish rooster.

May 6, 2014

What a beautiful morning on the old Brewer homestead. It’s going to be a great day. The sun is shining brightly and the forecast is calling for another beautiful warm day. I got the chickie babies outside this morning in the playpen to enjoy this great day. I am trying to get them out there as much as possible, because they will be going outside full time in just about another week or so. The “12” were very interested in the babies this morning. Especially Gwendalyn, she’s my silver-laced wyandotte, she was looking at them kind of motherly and making sure they were ok. I have them in a pen in the middle of the backyard so the others can see and here them, they just can’t get to them. I like to be carefull when I introduce new chickens to each other because you never know if the older chickens will accept the new ones and I do not want anyone getting hurt. When I first introduced Rhett and Scarlett to the “12” it was not harmonious. Rhett and Scarlett bullied the others, that is one of the reasons I have put them in their own pen, they don’t seem to mind, but they do not like it when one of the others gets in there with them. I don’t know what is going to happen when I get some more silkies to introduce to Rhett. I am hoping to keep them all together and breed them. I just hope Scarlett doesn’t get to jealous.I would love to have some little silkie babies running around. I still have 3 eggs in the incubator, but I’m afraid they are not fairing well. One looks like it is cracking and I have had a terrible time keeping the temp and humidity stable, and I forgot to turn them last night. This is just the first try though and I don’t even know if the eggs are fertile or not. Because I bought them at an auction I really have no idea how old they are, I’m sure they are still young though, maybe just at laying and reproducing age, so it might take a bit. We are going to Dinky’s again this weekend and I am hoping to get some fertile eggs and maybe even some older birds to start laying me some eggs. Nick and I talked about it last night and we are going to turn the back yard into a breeding area. We are going to section off the yard into different pens, that way we can put 1 rooster to maybe 4-5 hens into each pen and each pen will have the same kind of chcken, that way we can get some pure breed chicks. It’s hard telling what we will find at the auction, but I am hoping to get some polish and frizzles, they are the cutest looking birds and popular too. I would also like to get some Rhode Island reds and maybe brown leghorns. But I guess we will have to see. I guess you could say I have caught the chicken bug. I sat up reading all last night about chickens, I love the different magazines I have found at the library and I read all kinds of blogs and stuff. One of the websites I like the best is Backyard Chickens. com, if you have a question there is an answer on that site. You can really learn a lot. And it just gets me that much more excited.

Trust the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock. Isaiah 26:4